Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Girls and their portraits

My two oldest granddaughters came to visit last week and on Saturday, their Mom and younger sister met me in Carrollton at the museum to make the transfer and see my exhibit.  Of course, I couldn't resist taking photos of each of them with their portraits.
Olivia, who's now 10, was feeling quite the celebrity.  She had seen the poster advertising the exhibit that featured her portrait.  She asked if she would be able to sign autographs.  Sadly, no one asked her to do that--ahh, fame is so fleeting.
Josie, age 9, told me she had chosen a special outfit to wear to the museum.  Check out the footwear--now that's "stylin'".
Sarah, age 5, is so excited to be starting kindergarten next week.  We had to stand her in a chair so she'd be tall enough for the picture.

I was surprised to learn that they had sold all my ice-dyed fabric at the museum, so I've got some more "percolating" tonight and I'll be delivering it on Thursday.  It's another one of my addictive activities, so I'm thrilled to have an excuse to make some more.

There was a couple at the museum on Saturday and since it's not a big space, I couldn't help overhearing a lot of their conversation.  The lady took plenty of time to look at each piece and pointed out to her companion all the details she observed about how it was made, the subject, etc.  It was so cool to listen and know that someone else noticed and appreciated all the choices and decisions that go into the work.  That's one of the things that always intrigues me when I look at other people's quilts, especially the older ones.  I really do feel that a quilt has so much to tell you about the maker, if you're just willing to listen.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to talk to this lady, but, whoever and wherever you are--thank you!  You really made my day. 

I've finished a new art piece for the GA/SC Regional SAQA Exhibit that will debut at the GA Quilt Show and then travel around the country for the next year.  It's based on a photo I took many years ago of two orange butterflies.  I painted the background and used a piece of the ice-dyed fabric for the binding--the colors were just right.

 Now, I'm onto the next one.  It's also based on several old photos I took of an incredible sunset--undoubtedly the most beautiful one I can remember.  Luckily, I had my camera handy that day.  I'll post photos of both pieces later.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Exhibit News & New Addiction

My solo exhibit at the Southeastern Quilt & Textile Museum in Carrollton, GA continues until the end of August, so if you haven't been to see it, you still have time.  I was there on Tuesday of this week to speak to the Carrollton Writers' Group--a great bunch of people.  I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them and talking about my work.

I'd guess there were 25-30 people in attendance.  It was nice to see a good showing of men among them.  They are not quilters, for the most part, so it was very interesting to me to have an audience with a different perspective than the usual quilter groups who attend my trunk shows.  They asked lots of great questions and the time passed quickly.  I think the main thing I came away with was that we have a great deal in common when it comes to our different creative paths.  They just express themselves with words and I use images.

I recently did some pieces that are a new concept for me.  My good friend,  Maryanne Aubin, who's a wonderful artist and has her own frame shop, gave me the idea.  She loved the ice-dyed fabrics and we enjoyed sitting together and picking out different things that we saw in various areas of the fabrics.  She suggested that I isolate some of those things and make little art quilts, which could then be mounted on foamcore and matted, ready for framing.  Well, long story short, I now have a new addiction.  I have placed some of the finished pieces at the museum for sale and some at The Front Porch Gallery in Columbus.

These are small.  The size of the actual quilted piece in the top one (called "Cosmos") is 3"x 6".  The middle one (called "Fire Dance") is 3" x 9" and the bottom one (called "Sea Glass", which I added beads) is 4" x 6".  At least, I think that's right--it's close.  The mats are 2-2 1/2".  I'm anxious to see if they will sell because I want to make some more.  I've priced them, starting at $60 for the smallest ones, up to one I did that's 8"x10" + mat for $120.  What do you think?  Is this a worthwhile pursuit?