Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flowers and Mushrooms and Bonsai--Oh My!

I love color.  As I recently told someone, I couldn't live in a white or beige world.  My walls are red, navy blue, dark green--and most of them have an art quilt hanging on them.  That way, I get a double dose of color in my world.

A couple of days after Robin and I went to the plantation house to take photos, she sent me an e-mail with a few shots attached.  One of them made my mouth drop open.  She had placed my "Just One Day" among some day lilies and taken what I thought was a perfect photo.  Is she good, or what?

Sunflowers are just about my favorite flower, so, a couple of years ago when my husband had some extra room in the garden, he planted some for me.  I took lots of photos, knowing there was an art quilt in there somewhere.  "Summer's Gold" was the result.  It was entered in the Fine Arts show at the GA Nat'l Fair last Fall and won a blue ribbon.  It hangs in my guest bathroom, against that dark blue wall.  My close-up doesn't show the true color--it was taken indoors.  The full shot was done in natural light and is a better look at the color.

I've already posted "Dos Amigos", but thought I'd add it here, with a detail shot.

You've seen "Bonsai", too, but not the detail. 

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  1. Jo Ann, I have been enjoying your blog. I LOVE your lily. It is so viberant(hope spelled right). Reminds me of what I was trying to do with my hollyhock, but it just don't stand out like your lily.