Friday, May 25, 2012

Some of my photos

I've been through the photos I took on Wednesday and done a bit of cropping, etc.  I will post a few of them as a preview of better shots to come from Robin's work.  The first one is "Bonsai", based on a photo I took in the bonsai garden at the NC Arboretum in Asheville when we were up there for the quilt show a few years back.  I found the background fabric in my stash, which made it even better.
The second is "Dos Amigos".  I took this shot of some mushrooms growing in my front yard.  I thought they looked like two little guys in sombreros, just hanging out.  I did lots of thread-painting to blend the colors.

"Just One Day" was based on a photo I took in my back yard.  Since the blooms of day lilies only last one day, I thought the name was appropriate.  I did some beading (yellow beads for the bits of pollen on the petals and some clear beads for dew drops on the little spider web I quilted into the corner).  This one uses thread to blend the different fabrics.

"Top Gun" came from a photo my brother-in-law sent me.  I usually do raw-edge, machine applique for all my pieces, but I had taken a class with David Taylor and decided to make this one turned-edge, hand applique.  I did enjoy the process, as I like to do hand work, but I haven't done another piece this way yet.

I'll post more photos later.  Thanks for sharing.

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