Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ahh, the frustrations of the technologically challenged...

Geez, I thought I was reasonably intelligent, but I guess that ceased to be true along about the year 2000.  I have a fairly good grasp of how to do an online search and how to print photos and business cards that I've designed, and I've got the whole online shopping thing down cold, but somehow, I missed out on the social media phenomenon.

I have a cell phone--not a smart phone--but I don't do texting and if I want to take a photo, I have a regular (digital) camera for that.  I can even download my photos from the camera to the computer and print them or e-mail them to other people. 

I thought I was doing okay, although there are commercials on TV that I don't have a clue as to what is being advertised, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with computers.  This whole "cloud" thing is a total mystery.  And now we come to Facebook.

I had decided that I would not get involved in Facebook because it seemed to me to be a big vacuum cleaner that sucked up your time and kept you from doing anything productive.  I should have known that I couldn't hold out and remain a member of the human race, unless I moved to Borneo and lived in a hut on the beach--actually, that doesn't sound like such a bad thing.

It turns out that in order to communicate with the GA/SC regional group of SAQA, which I'm a member of, I had to set up a Facebook page and become part of that group on Facebook.  I managed to do that and I thought everything was okay until I tried to post the announcement of my exhibit at the SE Quilt Museum.  Not only could none of my 15 friends (mostly family members) see the post, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to the SAQA group page. 

I hate asking other people to help me do things that seem so simple to them and so incredibly baffling to me.  It makes me feel like a total idiot.  After asking for help on the Facebook page and getting several very helpful people telling me what to do--I could not figure it out.  It sounded so easy--just cut/copy and paste the announcement--but I could find nothing that gave me the option to do any of that.  I still don't know what to do.  But, I will find out--I am stubborn/determined and I will find someone to sit down with me and show me--if it's the last thing I ever do.

Some of you tech-savvy people are laughing at me right now--you know who you are--and that's okay.  I'm sure there's something I know how to do that you don't--like making homemade peach preserves that are to die for.

That's my rant for today.  I will post all the info on my exhibit and the other shows I'm participating in during the month of June--with pictures--in the next few days.  Thanks for listening. 

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